100.00 INR
AWS Static Web Hosting
Host Your Website on Amazon Web Servers
1 Domain
Unlimited Storage
7,000.00 INR

Landing Page Design
Quality Landing Page
Clear and Precise Content
Email Marketing Integration
Leads Collection
166.67 INR
Backup As A Service
Get your website backed up by us every week, so you dont have to worry about losing your precious data.
We Use Amazon Servers to Store your backup, so you need not worry about backup security.
At a Point of time we retain Last 4 backups
208.25 INR
Business Email
Unlimited Business Emails
10GB total Storage
100% Inbox Delivery
125.00 INR
Shortpixel - 2500 Credits
Get 2500 Shortpixel Credits every month
250.00 INR
Shortpixel - 5000 Credits
Get 5000 Shortpixel Credits every month
125.00 INR
Blesta Licence
It’s internal licence and will be provided with a shared hosting.

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